Monday, January 3, 2011

Silver Spring Garage Fire Cont...

I thought I would make a second post here to fill in a few more blanks about the garage fire and to post a video of the fire. The date and location was already reported in the last post so I will skip that part on move on to responding apparatus. The 31-02 box brought companies 33 (New Kingston), 31 (Silver Springs), 27 (Citizens Mechanicsburg), Truck 28 (Washies, Mechanicsburg), 25 (Monroe Twp.), Engine 23 (Upper Allen for R.I.T.) and Air 45 (Carlisle, for obvious reasons). Numerouse pieces arrived fairly quickly with the first in engine and tanker from New Kingston arriving back to back. Two handlines were quickly deployed and the fire was knowcked down rather quickly with no injuries to firefighters. I didn't speak to anyone abbout the incident so I do not have a dollar estimate or cause. According to the local news paper the occupant started the car and went back inside to return and find the garage burning.

In the video you will hear the sound of a 220 pond propane tank venting and burning you will also notice the intensity of the flames in that area (1/2 corner), yeah I don't use alphabets for areas because I know I am right and the modern fire service is wrong.

A question was posed about the incident on my last post. It is one I do not want to get into on the net but would be glad to in person. It does show the difference in the world we live in when it comes to the fire service and the different areas. NOW BEFORE ANYONE STARTS I AM NOT MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACKING OR PICKING ON ANYONE, I AM JUST SHOWING HOW DIFFERENT AREAS WORK. This call required the response of at least 10 rigs from seven different departments and maybe as many as 50 firefighters. If you put the same fire in Harrisburg you would have gotten four rigs with nine firefighters, a lieutenant and either or a Battalion Chief or Captain. Now we are lucky enough to have hydrants every few hundred feet and people paid at station to respond right away. At different parts through out the county the response of apparatus may have been different. My guess is in DC you would have gotten many more rigs than in Harrisburg and probably more men than on this call.

Do I have a point? Not really but if there is one it is that the public should hold their criticism unless they are educated enough or part of the solution. Often I hear why do they run so many fire trucks? The answer is because you need to ask that question instead of stepping up and volunteering to be part of the solution. I do this for a living and love every second of it (I hate the politics part, but that is another post), but all these people are doing this for free, often with not even a thank you.

And nothing brought about me getting on my soap box, sometimes I just feel like climbing up on it and starting. Besides now that the end of the year, beginning of the year battle for me at work is over I am still in full combat mode. Now to take a month or two off and then prepare for the same battle at the end of this year.