Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Items For Sale, Check Previous 2 Posts For More

Matchbox in packs $1.00 each, two loose Matchbox and Hot Wheels, 75 cents each.

Same as above, $1.00 and 75 cents.

Funrise, larger than matchbox cars with working lights and sirens but they all need batteries, 75 cents each.

Hess truck $5.00, figure and dump truck $1.00 each and the five pack is $5.00 or I will break them up for $1.00 each.

Two Pa. State Police cars that were hard to find $5.00 each, loose Matchbox 75 cents each.

Three in packs $1.00 each, the micros are $1.00 each for the two American LaFrance rigs and the other three including the two Matchbox size cars are 25 cents each.

Cars movie fire trucks, the larger one is $1.00 and all the smaller one are 75 each. Sold pending payment.

The two Hot Wheels Ahrens Fox rigs were special productions, they are $2.00 each, the Boston rescue and Lebenon Seagrave are $3.00 each.

The two carded toys are $1.00 each and so is the special release chrome colored Hot Wheels, the other four Matchbox are 75 each.

Don't forget to check out my two previous post if you have not done so already for other fire items including Shippensburg stuff. I have updated those posts and removed items that already sold and marked others as payment pending.

I will be adding more items soon so please check back.

I also have numerous slides of Shippensburg fire apparatus that are duplicates for sale for $2.00 each, I will not be listing those separately so let me know if you are interested.

Friday, February 11, 2011

More Fire Items For Sale, Please Check Out Previous Post For Shippensburg Fire Items

Glove Strap for gear, $5.00. Please check my previous post for Shippensburg Fire Dept. items and stay tuned for more items, toys, axe's etc. coming soon.

SCBA cylinder carrying strap, $5.00.

Irons strap only used a couple of times, $10.00 or take all three of these items for $15.00.

Proximity suit in great condition, $25.00, not for use but a collection piece only. The kid does not go with the suit unless the price is right.

Old beer tray used to serve beer at bars many years ago, this is one of the few that featured a fireman on it, $30.00.

Reverse view to show writing around the edge.

Close up to show the damage to the tray that does not effect the fireman or display.

Come on people once you all but my extra stuff I will have money to pay for my electric and Internet to make new fire history posts in the future.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fire Items For Sale

Code 3, 1/32 Diamond Plate Edition Squad 61, awesome detail, retails for $230.00 , yours for $100.

Set of 10, 4 X 6 photos from the October 28, 2007 1100 block of Mainsville Road house fire. I have three sets of 10, $10.00 each.
Many photos from the job in the first block of East King Street on July 31, 2006, $1.00 each.

These key chains Haney had made for the Vigilant banquet in 2005 or 2006 but they were not shipped on time so he cancelled them. The dealer sold them out and I purchased about a dozen on Ebay a couple of years ago. Almost two inches in size and very nice, $2.00 each.

I am shore that for those of you waiting for a new post this is not what you expected, sorry I hope to get back to posting incidents again real soon. Time is still short with other commitments and overtime but I hope to get the data base filled in again sometime soon. I have been cleaning out and trying to downsize and the one thing I found out was that I had too many duplicated items or things that I do not need. Many of the photos were duplicated when I made the WEFR book and that is why there is more WEFR photos than the other two companies, I do think I have duplicates from Viggies and CV's that I just need to get out of the file cabinet. I have more items that I will be listing soon, maybe Wednesday night like axes, K tools, toys, firefighting movie memorabilia and other items, emergency items, FAJ and Enjine Enjine magazines and many other things. I am also listing some toys and books below that I did not photograph (by the way these were all with the point and shoot camera). I think everyone that looks at this knows how to get a hold of me either by house phone or cell phone and many have my email address, if you have none of those leave a message in the comments and I will get in contact with you. Help me clean my house up, I want less to pack when retirement comes.


1. "One Hundred Years" by Jerome Gray, copyright 1929, 9 inch by 6 inch hard bound, 81 pages, a short history of fires and the methods of fighting fires during the past 100 years is Pennsylvania. $10.00

2. "Fire" by Robert Stella, 1987, 10 inch by 8 inch, soft bound, 192 pages, black and white photos of jobs from Massachusetts (Boston, Quincy, Brockton etc.) $8.00

3. "Volunteers A Portrait of Small Town Firefighters" by Raymond Pompilio, 1979, 111 inch by 81/2 inch soft bound 144 pages, black and white photos of volunteers from the state of New York. $5.00

4. "Fire" by Steven Scher, 1978, 11 1/2 inch by 8 1/2 inch soft bound, 150 pages of awesome black and white photos of the FDNY. $10.00

5. "Were Stretching" by Bill Eisner, 1987, soft bound, 11 inch by 8 1/2 inch, 184 pages of color photos black and white and a few color photos of fires from the Detroit FD. $10.00

6. "The Best Fire Pictures of 1985" by Quinlan Press, 1986, soft bound, 119 pages, 11 inch by 8 1/2 inch, color and black and white fire photos from all over the US. $8.00.

Code 3 brand new never removed from the box all 1/64 scale;

FDNY E-One/Saulsbury R2 $30.00

FDNY CF Mack E290 $28.00

FDNY Seagrave E10 $26.00

FDNY Seagrave E273 $26.00

Baltimore City TDA Seagrave Truck 10 $45.00