Friday, October 7, 2011

Stick With Me As I Make Changes...

If there is anybody out there, at the moment it does not seem like it.  Be patient as I try to make change to the blog to make it better.  After updating the computer to work with the new blogger I need to make adjustments so everything looks correct.  I can see that it will be for the better as blogger is easier to work with and the photos and post can be much larger making the home page look better and easier for us that can see to see.  I kind of feel like I am falling on deaf ears since I have posted three days in a row and with each day less and less has looked at the site.  Remember folks I have a life other than this blog and time is short these days.  Give me one year four months and eleven days I and will have plenty of time after burning my bridges behind me.

You will also notice that at the bottom of each post there is a tool bar that will now allow you to email the post or put it on Facebook, twitter or +1 it what ever all that means.  I am guessing that some of you know all of that is about but I have no idea.

In case some of you did not know it I have another blog for photographs, much of my free time is spent photographing wildlife.  I recently photographed some of the Elk rut in Northern Pa.  and you can check those photos out here.

Vigilant Hose Company's New Tanker 52 Has Arrived...

I did get to make my weekly trip to Shippensburg yesterday and found that allot of block has been put up at the Shippensburg Emergency Services Building, my stop at WEFR yielded a few photographs also as I found the engine room to be painted and most of the brick work up along with other items completed.  Both of those will be another post.  The best surprise was finding the Vigilant's new Tanker setting on the apron while the radios were being installed.

Now I do not know much about the rig but I will pass along what I know and have found on the Internet.  The rig is a 2011 International Work Star chassis with the body built by 4-guys.  The rig carries 3,000 gallons of water and has a 1,250 gpm Hale pump and (3) 10" dump valves.  The unit had been on order and arrived in Shippensburg on Friday September 30, 2011.  The company has already begun training on the vehicle.  As for the old Tanker I was told that it was removed from service and that it was also sold and possibly ending up in Lancaster County.  I have not been given anything concrete though.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Shippensburg Emergency Services Building...

These were sent to me by T.J. a couple of weeks ago, thanks T.J.  I thought it would be easier to post these now so whenever I post on the building you will have an idea of what you are looking at.  The top view would be from Orange Street looking at the SAEMS portion.  The bottom view would be from the Walnut Bottom Road approaching from the King Street Exit of I-81.

This view is from the rear of the building or what you would see if you were approaching from Shippensburg on the Walnut Bottom Road.

First floor floor plan.

Second floor floor plan.  Click all of the images to make them larger.  I am still learning this new blogger that I am using and I had them larger on the home page but they went under all the existing items so I had to change it.
 My first post on the new Emergency Services building can be found here, I hope to start posting more on this project soon as I have taken many photographs so far and I would like to get everyone up to date.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WEFR Building and Apparatus Update...

Sorry for the delays in posting the building updates but in Northern Pa. the Elk rut is taking place and I spent all last week cut off from civilization.  Wow! it was great to be cut off from the outside world for a week. 

Work may have picked up at the WEFR buidling but the last time I was there things were progressing slowly.  These were taken on September 21, 2011, additional stone had been brought in and laid, wiring had begun, pipes were put in place for drains and the engine room walls were being insulated as these were taken.  The second photo for those that do not know is from the hallway door of the gear room.  I did not get up last week because of being away but I do hope to make the trip being work days this week.  Once I do I will try to get them on here as quickly as possible.

I mentioned WEFR apparatus in the titile.  The company's fire police vehichle has been removed from service and sold.  After traveling less than 200 miles between inspections and the fact that it needed work it was placed out of service at the end of August.  Company members voted at the regular meeting to dispose of the unit.  It was stripped of all its items and sold to a local man that is going to remove the motor and scrap the remaining parts.

The Vigilant's new building is coming along well and I really hope to start posting on it soon.  I am using something new on blogger so I hope this post turns okay, if it works the photographs should appear larger on the main screen.

Oh and on the brite side I am now down to one year four months and thirteen days before I can retire.  But who is counting.