Saturday, December 3, 2011

Code 3 Prices Reduced For Christmas

Prices reduced just in time for Christmas.  These are the last of the Code 3 items I have for sale.  Diamond Plate 1/32 FDNY Squad 61 for $75.00. This is an awesome rig with great detail, they sold for over $200.00 when released.  They have never been removed from the box.  I also have the regular size FDNY Engine 10, this is the Seagrave engine located across from the World Trade Center and FDNY Engine 290 this was a limited run rig it is a CF Mack rapid water unit.  Each of these are $20.00 and I have several of each rig.  If you live local we can meet in person so no shipping will be needed.

Now for a question from the visitors.  This past week the numbers went up for a few days because of people coming onto the site from Face book.  You do not have to leave a name but could someone please tell me whose face book I am on that is letting people link onto the site.  If things go well at work over the next few O.T. shifts I should have some posts ready for next week.