Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Caught Up On The Building...

Wow! posts three days in a row and I am shooting for all five days this week. All of these photographs were taken on August 18, 2011. Even though that was only 13 days ago it would seem that I getting you caught up on the building, but the rate that they are going every time I visit to take photographs much has been done. We are getting caught up and hopefully by early next week I will have you up to date. I hope these photographs are showing those of you who do not live around here different views of the building and fills in all the gaps.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WEFR's Addition Is Going Up...

Note the window height compared to yesterday's, it has been lowered.

View through the watch room into past the hallway and into the gear room.

So far I am keeping my promise, this is two days in a row. All of these photos were taken on August 10, 2011. As you can see construction is moving rather quickly. These views show the doorways along the side and gives you a good idea of what the building will look like. I did not forget about the Shippensburg Emergency Services building, once I get you up to date with the WEFR addition I will bring you up to speed on there new building.

Monday, August 29, 2011

WEFR Addition Update...

Sorry for the delay, between work and pleasure I have not had much time to sit in front of this thing and get photos and posts ready. I attempted to do this at work but CS5 didn't want to work with my new NEF files forcing me to try this at home. I have made it a point to travel to DShippensburg atleast once a week to photograph the progress of the Vigilant and WEFR buildings. With that said I have many photographs and I am going to try my best to bring you up to date and then try and stay on time.

When I last left you with the August 1 post I covered the ground breaking on July 27. Since then much progess has been made and the building is really taking shape. I will not bore you with details on the photo since I am assuming you are all firefighters and have an understanding of building construction. If you do not it time to hit the books as you are lacking an important tool in your arsenal as a firefighter. All of these images were taken on August 4, 2011. I will say, take note to the window height in the watchroom and compare it to my next post. It seems a mistake was made this day that needed to be corrected.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shippensburg Area EMS Opens Substation...

Shippensburg EMS has opened a new substation at 119 Lurgan Avenue. The station is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays on a trial basis to provide better coverage for Southampton Township Franklin County. After a 90 days the station will be re-evaluated, the long range plan is to man a station 24 hours a day. A space in the building was provided Todd West State Farm Insurance, free to SAEMS and the unit sits behind the building when there.

If you have not been to the SAEMS web site lately check it out. The have recently launched a new site to replace to older one. A link can be found on the right hand side of the screen under the other SFD links.

Yesterday Shane and I took a drive through Shippensburg to photograph the new buildings. The Vigilant building lot is taking shape and you can now get a better idea how it will set on the lot. The WEFR building has the footers poured and the block is going up quickly. I will not have a chance to post any of these until next week and by the time I get back up next Tuesday or Wednesday WEFR's will really look like a building.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ground Broken Fore New Shippensburg Emergency Services Building...

On Thursday June 30, 2011 the Shippensburg Emergency Services building was started with a ceremonial ground breaking. I was out of town an unable to attend so I have no photographs to post of this historic event. The News Chronicle article on that event along with other articles and a progression of the building can be found by clicking on Shippensburg Emergency Services Building. You will also find a link to this site on the right hand side of the screen along with my other SFD links. Thank you Haney for starting this site to keep us informed and up to date.

These photographs were taken on July 27, 2011. I will be trying to get to Shippensburg once or twice a week to photograph the work being done and will post it on this site from time to time.

For anyone that surfed onto this site and are not aware of the SFD happenings this building will house the Vigilant Hose Co. and Shippensburg Area EMS when completed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

WEFR Breaks Ground For New Addition...

On Wednesday July 27, 2011 at about 12:30 p.m. ground was broken for the new addition to the West End Fire and Rescue's station. If you click on the photos they will get larger. I didn't forget about the new Vigilant building that was started and my next post will cover my first trips to that site. I guess with two buildings started I will need to make at least one trip a week to Shippensburg to take some photographs. That just gives me another reason to go for a bike ride.