Monday, August 29, 2011

WEFR Addition Update...

Sorry for the delay, between work and pleasure I have not had much time to sit in front of this thing and get photos and posts ready. I attempted to do this at work but CS5 didn't want to work with my new NEF files forcing me to try this at home. I have made it a point to travel to DShippensburg atleast once a week to photograph the progress of the Vigilant and WEFR buildings. With that said I have many photographs and I am going to try my best to bring you up to date and then try and stay on time.

When I last left you with the August 1 post I covered the ground breaking on July 27. Since then much progess has been made and the building is really taking shape. I will not bore you with details on the photo since I am assuming you are all firefighters and have an understanding of building construction. If you do not it time to hit the books as you are lacking an important tool in your arsenal as a firefighter. All of these images were taken on August 4, 2011. I will say, take note to the window height in the watchroom and compare it to my next post. It seems a mistake was made this day that needed to be corrected.

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