Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WEFR's Addition Is Going Up...

Note the window height compared to yesterday's, it has been lowered.

View through the watch room into past the hallway and into the gear room.

So far I am keeping my promise, this is two days in a row. All of these photos were taken on August 10, 2011. As you can see construction is moving rather quickly. These views show the doorways along the side and gives you a good idea of what the building will look like. I did not forget about the Shippensburg Emergency Services building, once I get you up to date with the WEFR addition I will bring you up to speed on there new building.


Sparky said...

Brad the roof was put up on Friday. The building is now under roof. Didn't know if if you knew. It is going up fast.

Brad Myers said...

Thanks Dave, I was aware they were doing it Friday after I left but I needed to get to work. I have been up many times since my last post photographs I am just posting one days photos at a time.

I also photogrpah the Viggies buidling each time I am up and hope to get to it next week.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and a bigger thanks for letting me know someone is still out there looking.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Brad.

Pat Shoop