Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Shippensburg Emergency Services Building...

These were sent to me by T.J. a couple of weeks ago, thanks T.J.  I thought it would be easier to post these now so whenever I post on the building you will have an idea of what you are looking at.  The top view would be from Orange Street looking at the SAEMS portion.  The bottom view would be from the Walnut Bottom Road approaching from the King Street Exit of I-81.

This view is from the rear of the building or what you would see if you were approaching from Shippensburg on the Walnut Bottom Road.

First floor floor plan.

Second floor floor plan.  Click all of the images to make them larger.  I am still learning this new blogger that I am using and I had them larger on the home page but they went under all the existing items so I had to change it.
 My first post on the new Emergency Services building can be found here, I hope to start posting more on this project soon as I have taken many photographs so far and I would like to get everyone up to date.

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Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Brad, thanks for keeping us updated. R. Watts