Friday, February 11, 2011

More Fire Items For Sale, Please Check Out Previous Post For Shippensburg Fire Items

Glove Strap for gear, $5.00. Please check my previous post for Shippensburg Fire Dept. items and stay tuned for more items, toys, axe's etc. coming soon.

SCBA cylinder carrying strap, $5.00.

Irons strap only used a couple of times, $10.00 or take all three of these items for $15.00.

Proximity suit in great condition, $25.00, not for use but a collection piece only. The kid does not go with the suit unless the price is right.

Old beer tray used to serve beer at bars many years ago, this is one of the few that featured a fireman on it, $30.00.

Reverse view to show writing around the edge.

Close up to show the damage to the tray that does not effect the fireman or display.

Come on people once you all but my extra stuff I will have money to pay for my electric and Internet to make new fire history posts in the future.

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