Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Items For Sale, Check Previous 2 Posts For More

Matchbox in packs $1.00 each, two loose Matchbox and Hot Wheels, 75 cents each.

Same as above, $1.00 and 75 cents.

Funrise, larger than matchbox cars with working lights and sirens but they all need batteries, 75 cents each.

Hess truck $5.00, figure and dump truck $1.00 each and the five pack is $5.00 or I will break them up for $1.00 each.

Two Pa. State Police cars that were hard to find $5.00 each, loose Matchbox 75 cents each.

Three in packs $1.00 each, the micros are $1.00 each for the two American LaFrance rigs and the other three including the two Matchbox size cars are 25 cents each.

Cars movie fire trucks, the larger one is $1.00 and all the smaller one are 75 each. Sold pending payment.

The two Hot Wheels Ahrens Fox rigs were special productions, they are $2.00 each, the Boston rescue and Lebenon Seagrave are $3.00 each.

The two carded toys are $1.00 each and so is the special release chrome colored Hot Wheels, the other four Matchbox are 75 each.

Don't forget to check out my two previous post if you have not done so already for other fire items including Shippensburg stuff. I have updated those posts and removed items that already sold and marked others as payment pending.

I will be adding more items soon so please check back.

I also have numerous slides of Shippensburg fire apparatus that are duplicates for sale for $2.00 each, I will not be listing those separately so let me know if you are interested.


E4 Lt said...

starting a new blog? little bit of "Brad-bay"?
atleast ur posting again, looks like we are going to go thru the same thing u all did, city is saying they "need" to cut one shift to meet budget... proposing 24/48 with no kelly or 3/3/3, either way the fight is begining

Woody said...

Hey Brad,

If you still have the cars fire trucks. Let me know. Wyatt was looking at your blog with me and saw them and said he wants me to buy them lol..

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad,

This is Patrick Shoop, Jr. Drop me an email . I'm interested in some of the stuff you have.

Thanks, and Be Safe.