Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothing To Post Today...

I am out of runs and out of space fillers that are ready, I had today skipped and then I found this. Does anyone out there know that this site exist Shippensburg Area Emergency Medical Services. I didn't until recently surfing unto it. I remember the site they used to have that was linked to this blog but after it disappeared I deleted it. This one is now in the links to the right along with the three fire companies and Bill Strites WEFR site and two new ones I just added yesterday, the CCVFA and the FCFCA. Is there any others out there that I do not know about? If you have face book pages I do not know about those because I do not use face book, that's right I don''t want to be pestered by people I have not seen since school and did not want to see then. If you know of any others please post them in the comments so I may add them to the links on the right. I would like to have links on here for all the Cumberland and Franklin County Fire Company web sites but I do not want all those scrolling down the side if I can figure out how to make folders or do it a way that I like it then they will show up on here. Also later this week I have another day with nothing to post, Dave Myers was kind enough to send me some more photos that will be posted that day, I will ask here for the last time if any one else has any they want to see on here or anything to contribute it would be appreciated. This site can only be as good as the followers.

While I am here I will plug my other site, Bradley Myers Photography. It is a daily photography blog that I post to four times a week for any of you that have never been there. Most of the posts are wildlife like whitetails or elk but there is the occasional fire post from Shippensburg, Harrisburg or someplace close.

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Woody said...

If I had any stuff from the area Bradley, I'd gladly send it your way...Keep up the great work with the blog..