Saturday, December 3, 2011

Code 3 Prices Reduced For Christmas

Prices reduced just in time for Christmas.  These are the last of the Code 3 items I have for sale.  Diamond Plate 1/32 FDNY Squad 61 for $75.00. This is an awesome rig with great detail, they sold for over $200.00 when released.  They have never been removed from the box.  I also have the regular size FDNY Engine 10, this is the Seagrave engine located across from the World Trade Center and FDNY Engine 290 this was a limited run rig it is a CF Mack rapid water unit.  Each of these are $20.00 and I have several of each rig.  If you live local we can meet in person so no shipping will be needed.

Now for a question from the visitors.  This past week the numbers went up for a few days because of people coming onto the site from Face book.  You do not have to leave a name but could someone please tell me whose face book I am on that is letting people link onto the site.  If things go well at work over the next few O.T. shifts I should have some posts ready for next week.


Cressler said...

No idea I have never seen this on facebook. However I am looking forward to more of the history lessons. Cressler

ron said...

Is the Squad 61 DP still available?

Ron -

Anonymous said...

interested in one of the models can u contact me 203-466-9704 dave

Anonymous said...

Am interested in Code 3 Engine 61. Could you call me at 617-827-3018. Rich

Anonymous said...

Could you please contact me about the code 3 items you are selling?

Anonymous said...

Just found your website as I Googled Code 3.
Would you advise if the Code 3 items are still available. Wish I had found you sooner.
Thank you.
Bob Woody

Randy Broadwater said...

Brad - At the bottom of your posts are clickable links allowing one to share them via email or to Facebook or Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bradley

Are you still selling code 3 SQ61's ? (1/32)
Or do you know where I can find one?

My email:

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

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Frank said...

I just found your blog and really enjoy your photographs! I am an active duty Army Officer, Volunteer Firefighter, and avid patch collector. I wonder if you would like to trade some patches from Shippensburg. I saw on your blog page you have pictures of the TF 4 patch, Vigilant Hose, Cumberland Valley, and West End. Please let me know if you are interested in trading or know someone who might be. Keep up the great photography work!

Frank Brooks or

Anonymous said...

Any chance of the Squad 61 or Ladder 10 still available??