Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pleasant Hall Barn Burns

On August 20, 1937 at 3:20 p.m. lightning struck a barn one mile west of Pleasant Hall. Firemen had to respond and fight the fire in a driving rainstorm. Firemen were on the scene and had a stream of water playing in 15 minutes. Apparatus remained on the scene nearly two hours. Along with the barn a truck, 25 acres of wheat and 18 acres of rye were destroyed. Damages were estimated at $3,500. The Vigilant Hose Company answered the alarm.

The West End Fire and Rescue Company, circa 1982.


Sparky said...

Nice picture of West End. I liked that Squad too, but not as much as the GMC. Like the twin MACKS.

Anonymous said...

Those are some BAD looking bulldogs there. Brad, how did the city boys do with the MDA boot drive? Hats off to them for it

Bradley Myers said...

When they did it last Friday it was the best single day ever with (I think) $7,100.00. I don't know what had been collected previously but our goal this year is $20,000.00.

ahrensfox said...

Excellent!!! Let me take a guess.Rescue, 1960 to 64 International/Swab.1972 Mack CF600,and 1967 CF600?

Bradley Myers said...

1961 International Gertenslager
1973 CF Mack
1968 CF Mack

The Squad was replaced shortly after with a 1983 MC Mack, Saulsbury. It was a great Mack house then.