Friday, August 22, 2008

Vigilant Hose Orders Motorized Chemical Truck

On August 22, 1923 it was mentioned that at a recent meeting of the Vigilant Hose Company that the company had decided to order a motorized hose and chemical wagon. The chassis was purchased from the J. L. Miller dealership and the work was to be performed by H. B. McPherson of Chambersburg. This would become the Vigilant’s second motorized rig and when the Ford along with the C. V.’s recently rebuilt chemical engine arrives it will complete the motorization of the Shippensburg Fire Department.

This is the only photograph I have ever found of this rig. It was taken from microfilm when the company was replacing the unit.


Haney said...

My records show this meeting was on August 24, 1923. The final bill was submitted in December with a total cost of $1033.49.

Bradley Myers said...

Sorry, I would have replied earlier but we were away for the weekend.

That is also correct, but if you look at the minutes you will notice the subject was discussed on August 17, 1923 at the company meeting. Comparing the information in the minutes and what was in the news paper on August 22, I would say that the minutes lacked much of what was said in the meeting. Everything I typed in this post appeared in the paper two days before the 8-24 meeting. I guess they rehashed things over and over then just like today.

I have not put everything together on this rig yet so I don't know if the amount stated in the 12-7-23 meeting is the final amount or not.

Speaking of minutes, it has been a long time since I got any, hint, hint.