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New Uniforms and Better Equipment to be Had


New Uniforms and Better Equipment to be Had

The following article appeared in The Shippensburg News on Friday July 12, 1907, it is typed here exactly as it appeared in the paper.

Realizing the need of more interest and enthusiasm on the part of our fire department, as well as better regulations and means of extinguishment at times of fire, the Cumberland Valley Hose Company, at a recent meeting, determined to procure new uniforms for their active members. While there may be a few who object to this, as there always are to all projects, we want to say it is one of the first steps. The active working membership of all good fire companies is largely made up of young men; not of old men at least; generally speaking such are in the way. You must have enthusiasm and interest in a fire company as well as in a Sunday school. In order to do this you must get up some attire, simply meeting once a month to heat the secretary read a dry, prosy report, or treasurer the financial statement, will not do this. You must get new young blood into the organization and do something to attract them. Get them interested in the organization. Old men are a good thing in their place. We do not believe, like Osler, they are worn out at 60 years, nut we do not think they are the kind to make active fireman. The uniform is to be a light navy blue, with silver buttons, to correspond with the new uniforms of the Vigilant Hose Company. Then if we disband, the idea is to have them organize under the name of the Shippensburg fire department and thus be able to make some showing among fire companies. If this is done our young men will become interested. When you get young men in these days, aroused and interested, they accomplish wonders. There are no obstacles they cannot surmount.

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Anonymous said...

Hey back in 1907 they knew that they had to do things to attract new members and things to keep them. So I guess Recruitment and Retention are nothing new. I guess those old guys really did know what they were doing.
Former P.H.F.D. 11