Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small Fire At Store Causes Concern

On September 24, 1996 at 5:11 p.m. Franklin County 911 alerted units to a fire at the Franklin Feed and Supply Co., 1977 Philadelphia Avenue. A motor on an auger in the warehouse behind the store caught fire and created little damage but allot of smoke. Firefighter had to remain on the scene almost two hours because they were concerned from the fire would ignite the dust in the warehouse. The Franklin’s, Chambersburg, Pleasant Hall and West End Fire and Rescue companies answered the alarm.

The last two days were not major incidents but I needed something for a post. I have a few days throughout the year that no major incidents occurred and some days with as many as 20 major incidents. With the second anniversary of the blog approaching it will occur more often that I have no incidents to post but with winter coming hopefully I will have time to get more apparatus and other companies histories entered in the data base.


Anonymous said...

I for one enjoy reading any and all of your post's. A thought for ya but how about some memories of yours of diffrent actvities and of the members of SFD.
Fromer PHFD 11

Brad Myers said...

I don't kmow if this is a good place for me to post my recollections, it will make the guilty look guilty and expose them. And the other normally involve me,beer and getting in trouble.

Anonymous said...

It would make for some intresting reading......LOL
Former PHFD 11