Monday, April 19, 2010

Greencastle Buys Motor Apparatus

Sorry I am running a little late today, but I still got a post in. The only major incidents to occur on this date were in 1941 and 1958, they were posted the last two years. The following article is reprinted as it appeared in the April 25, 1917 edition of The Shippensburg News.

The council of Greencastle has given to the Lafrance Company the contract for a motor combination chemical apparatus. It will carry fire hose and has two 35-gallon chemical tanks. The price is $3,500 and early delivery is promised. There has been some objection on the part of some citizens to buying motor apparatus but council decided the need was imperative. This is the same make recently purchased by Newville and which gave entire satisfaction at the recent large conflagration in that town. Will Shippensburg purchase one.

If you have been reading this site you already know that Shippensburg did make a similar purchase, but it took a few more years to do so. When other communities were using steamers Shippensburg was using hand tubs and hose reels, when other towns many smaller went motorized Shippensburg firemen were still pulling their rigs by hands. Why didn't Shippensburg borough council take care of the fire service then? Why don't they take care of them now? Many places like Hampden and Lower Allen don't pay for their rigs or much of anything. The township I live in collects a fire tax and splits a quarter million between tow companies and Monroe is doing the same. I think it is time four municipalities step up and take care of the best volunteer fire service that can be found anyplace, the Shippensburg Fire Department. If you are a politician from the Shippensburg area I am sorry for you and these are my views and opinions only, they may not reflect the views of the SFD.


Sparky said...

Amen. The work is start to have the municipalities and the fire dept. work together. You need to talk to Dan and/or Randy to get the scope. That's all I will and can say about it.

Anonymous said...

Add a few more zeroes (at least 2) and you could have an engine in todays prices. I have high hopes for your other thought on the munipalities we just have to keep moving forward. Cressler