Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two Stables Destroyed and Two Damaged In Evening Blaze

On April 11, 1871 at between 9 and 10 p.m. Shippensburg firemen were aroused by the cry of fire. The blaze was at the G.B. Cole's stable in the alley a short distance from South Railroad Street. When firemen arrived the blaze had already spread to another large stable. A strong wind was blowing from the west that spread sparks and burning embers over the adjoining houses. Because of the gallant effort of firemen and citizens a major conflagration was avoided although the two stables involved were destroyed along with their contents and two others were badly scorched. The Shippensburg News reported that the origin of the fire was the work of some atrocious villain (they mean it was set). The Vigilant Fire and Cumberland Valley Fire companies answered the alarm. In the same issue the paper once again called for steam fire engines in Shippensburg citing the fact that the old hand engines were worn out and the steam engines could do the work of many men. They also called for no more wooden stables in the borough because of the large amount of stable fires in the 1800's. They asked that all stables be made of brick and the roofs to be covered with slate or tin.

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