Sunday, December 5, 2010

Help Save My Brothers...

I need to be very careful what I type in here to insure that I am not in the unemployment line also. For those of you that live in my area you already know what is going on since it has been the main attraction in the papers and news for the last 11 plus months. For those of you that do not live in my area then I will tell you that I have been a Harrisburg Pa fireman for more than 20 years know. Because of decisions NOT MADE BY THE FIREMEN the city finds itself in debt by almost $300 million dollars. It was decided that it would be fixed on the backs of the hard working firemen so effective January 1, 2011, 10 of my brothers will be laid off. These guys worked hard to get this job, passing numerous tests waiting long periods of time, completing a fire academy and most of all uprooting their families from their homes and moving them into the city as a condition of employment. They would also like to close the Paxton Station, the only one located in the high hazard downtown area. Our work schedule will also be changed to 24 hours on and 48 hours off raising our work week an additional 14 hours per week. Along with the downsizing to three platoons nine officers will be demoted. I would like to point out that the scheduling change is all in violation of our contract.

Please if you live in my area work, play, live or visit Harrisburg please sign our petition to attempt to stop this. Someone is in the Union Hall, 2048 Derry Street every evening from 4 to 7 p.m. and firefighters are out walking door to door in all neighborhoods, one can also be found online at Feel free to write city hall and the local rag we call a news paper. Our men did not create this problem, in fact you will see none of our names on the documents to borrow all the money that put us here. I really do not see why we need to be the only ones to feel the pain when the FOP, ASCME, and managers in city hall do not miss a beat this holiday season.

Please do not believe everything you see and hear on the television, for some reason they all appear to be on the take. We have presented cold hard facts about just who did create this mess and why our overtime is so high along with many other items to channels 43, 27, 8, 21 and the bathroom wipe my ass with it Harrisburg Patriot but for some reason the never air or print any of it. Yet just this morning (SAT) channel ABC 27 Dennis Owens was quick to point out that we (HFD) were given a four year contract extension by Mayor Steven Reed before he left office tying the hands of Thompson and creating her more heartache. Why do they never mention that the other two unions were also given extensions or even that ours does not go into effect until January 1, 2013, so how is that effecting us now. I will not even go into the differences between the contracts and what the police get compared to us. But if you visit the cities web site the contracts are on there.

Because of my work schedule and other commitments and the lack of anyone looking or contributing other than Sparky this will be my last post for some time. I may post again sometime in the future so please stop back from time to time to check. By the way when I retire next week, next year or whenever it may be, I will be glad to set here and type away.

Tired, pissed off, confused and just plain fed up, Brad, Union steward, Local 428 IAFF


E4 Lt said...

people do look at ur site, but some decline to contribute do to the fact that u present things so complete, there is nothing more to add... good luck with ur contract, ur southern brothers are aware and support u... moma tells me to calm down when i hear this B.S. on tv

Sparky said...

Hang in there brother. I will support you and your department.

Seagrave said...

Brad, thank you for the many posts and years of history you have shared. I have truly enjoyed it. I was not aware of your site until Ged shared it with me. It has been great seeing the pictures and the history of the SFD. Anyone who has not viewed the site has missed out. We do hope as time allows that you will once again be able to post on the blog one day. I have been to the petition page and have signed and added my comments. Ride with your heads held high and be safe!

Anonymous said...

I'll echo Andy's comments. Don't always have anything to contribute but ALWAYS enjoy the posts. I know alot of the young bucks around the firehouse frequent your blog. I think that's really important, as your blog is the main source of SFD history for these guys (and myself). In order to move forward it's critical to know where we've been, and your posts have been the main source of knowledge for that. Keep your head up and I look forward to the day when the posts continue.



wefr15 said...


I feel your pain, hang in there. You are not alone, 144 pink slips went out 12-1-10 for a lot of my good friends here in Cincinnati! The City Manager directed the CFD to close 11 companies. No Houses are to be closed so Fire Administration had to cut 7 engines and 4 trucks from double houses.

As Andy said, Ride with your heads held high!

Cincy Bill

Anonymous said...

Brad, I've never posted anything as far as I remember but I do enjoy reading the history and seeing the old pictures. Seeing some of the old pictures reminded me of the all the old times and luckily I was among the last of the juniors to be allowed to ride the tailboards. Hopefully Harrisburg will understand what true benefit the fireman give the community.

Andrew Fogelsanger

Dale Jr. ( Wally) said...

Stick in there Brad, I have some what of a idea what your going through,, DOC is the same way,,,