Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Post, And A Fire, Not A Shippensburg Fire But A Fire...

Wow! it really has been a long time since my last post. I want to thank the few of you that posted supportive comments on my last post and that went out and signed our petition, I guess there is about seven of you that remember the brotherhood. That is so very sad. Soon I will make a new post on what has happened in the last 25 days in Harrisburg. Lets just say it has been a crazy and busy time period.

An incident that occurred yesterday morning (12-30-10) prompted me to make a post today as I planned nothing more for today except for hockey, football and beer. Did I say beer?, I meant good old Porter beer and winter ale. After getting home a little late from work yesterday morning I was making breakfast when at 9:16 a.m. Cumberland County 911 toned out area companies for a reported garage fire at 160 Texaco Road in Silver Springs Township, Cumberland County. With Texaco Road being just behind the house I though I would get the camera out dust it off and see if it still worked. Looking out the back window at the header gave me all the incentive I needed and off I went. I arrived the same time as the incident commander and ahead of the fire apparatus. The photos go on a time line in order and as you can see the garage was well involved upon my arrival. It was a one and a half story block and frame two car unattached garage with one car inside. In photo two you can see when the springs left loose that held the door up allowing it to come down. This is just one of many dangers a firefighter faces on these types of calls along with flammable liquids, floor pits, pesticides and other items stored in the building. Photo three shows the lines man on the first in engine stretching an attack line to extinguish the blaze. I must say he did a very good job in deploying the line. In the last two photos he and his partner begin attacking the fire.

Within the next few days I will make another post on this fire with a few more photos and some video. And hopefully next week I will post about what has been going on in the city recently. With the show of support we received from this site compared to my photography site I do not know if or when this one will be back to regular postings.

For now I hope everyone out there had a safe and joyous Christmas and an equally safe and Happy New Year.


Haney said...

Welcome back. Great pictures as always.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Brad! Nice pics, sorta fills in some of the gaps with what I was hearing on the radio. Sounded like several alarms worth of apparatus was requested for this conflagration... Perhaps you can give more info.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up and although many may not post we do miss this site and its daily history lesson. Cressler