Friday, January 25, 2008

Elkwood Fire Company Of New Cumberland Gutted By Fire

On January 25, 1940 at 4:00 a.m. a member returning home from work discovered fire in the Elkwood Fire Company No. 2. Along with a former assistant chief they were able to locate the siren button but only two blasts sounded before the wires were burnt through. Fireman Charles Winters entered a side door and drove the company’s new 1939 Ward LaFrance engine through the bay doors with the hose bed ablaze. The engine was driven to the nearest hydrant where it laid a line back to the firehouse to assist in battling the fire. The blaze destroyed the building along with the company’s 1923 Reo combination engine. A cause was never determined and damages were estimated at $15,000.

The firehouse was rebuilt and still stands today. The Ward is now owned by Bradley Myers and is still original. While stripping the paint from the hose bed, the wood was found to be burnt all along the tailboard. The top photograph shows the Ward after it was used to fight the fire, the second photo is the Ward in Dauphin county where it was stored under a tarp for several years and the last photo is the engine in 2005 after spending a couple of years working on it. The plans are to have the engine repainted and striped, possibly this year.

There has been numerous working incidents in and around Shippensburg on this date, but I would like to start adding more Cumberland and Franklin history to the site.


Sparky said...

Nice fire engine, but I thought you were a Truckie?

Bradley Myers said...

No room to store a truck, unless it is hand or horse drawn, then I will make room. Like my hose reel, its kept in the basement. And by the way I will not be moving back to Shippensburg after retirement, Linda made that very clear.

wefr15 said...


The Ward La France is looking great since you sent me the original pictures. Have you taken it to any musters yet?


Bradley Myers said...

BS It has not been out for years, after Jackson died I lost interest in it. I am trying to regain that now and finsh it. Of course who will be able to afford to put gas it now. Long time since I heard from you, I hope all is well with the family.

wefr15 said...

Everyone is doing great. Since Joe is a Sophomore in College and Sarah is a Junior in HS I have had time do more for myself. Been busy riding with Unit 3, CFD Truck 19 taking pictures and when the weather gets better I am going to start shooting video. Pics being used by the CFD, Union and various web sites.

Now that Shane is getting older he can help you turn a few wrenches on the Ward LaFrance!!! How neat would it be to have Shane show up to his prom date in a few years in the Ward LaFrance :-)

I meant to get on before to say great job on both sites.

Take care and remember that the offer to come see the Reds is always open

Bill aka "Wheel Chock" (since the last few times I rode with Truck 19
the city wasn't turning a wheel except for BS calls and Ems runs!)

Bradley Myers said...

Bill, I am heading out of town for few days, I will drop you an email when we get home. Glad everything is good and it sounds like you are having fun. Brad