Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arson Destroys Chambersburg Church

On February 19, 1995 at 3:51 a.m. Chambersburg firefighters were dispatched to 237 E. Queen Street, the St. Paul United Methodist Church for a building fire. An arson fire destroyed the 200-year-old church that previously escaped the burning of Chambersburg by the confederate soldiers. More than 100 firefighters from 14 companies battled the multiple alarm fire for over three hours before bringing it under control. Damages were estimated at $6 million dollars. The West End Fire and Rescue and the Cumberland Valley Hose companies assisted at the scene. An individual was later arrested and found guilty of starting the blaze.


Anonymous said...

The crew on Truck-53 was from Co.36,,because the night before was Co.53 banguet,,because I was to met them for breakfast & Chief Schaffner told me to met him on Second Street in Chambersburg at this large Fire,,
I told him that wasn't funny,,

wrongly accused said...

just to let you all know who thi is yes it was a bad fire and yes the person whi was accused of this fire is innosent and they need to start looking into the fire co of chambersburg for the arsonist is still among you and not the one whi was sentenced and make sure all the fire co know that the wrongke accused will have there names cleared for they are both inocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad Myers said...

Okay, my part here is just to report history and educate, not to make up new or change what happened. I do not post arsonist names on this site and I am not part of the judicial system that determines if a person is innocent or guilty.