Monday, February 18, 2008

Church Of God Orrstown Damaged In Accidental Fire

On February 18, 1923 Landis Reed, sexton at the Church of God, Orrstown had gone to the church to start a fire for the days church services. A section of the pipe fell in the loft starting a fire. Mr. Reed called Shippensburg requesting help and at 10:00 a.m. the CV pumper was dispatched to the scene. Because of the extremely cold morning when the firemen arrived in Orrstown they found that the chemicals were frozen and of no use. The engine pump water from a well until it ran dry and with no other water available in the area the firemen were unable to save the church. Damages were estimated at $3,000. The Cumberland Valley Hose Company answered the alarm.


Anonymous said...

You left out the biggest event for this date! The birth of Bradley J.Myers in 1963!!!

Happy Birthday you old fart, I can call you that because I am one also.

Cincy Bill aka wefr15

Bradley Myers said...

Bill, now what would make you say a thing like that? And even if you picked the right date don't you think the year is wrong and maybe it would be 73 or 83. Thanks, but the middle initial is C as in, well you can figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

I heard your mom yell it enough when you were say less then 10 years old that I know what the C is.

Sparky said...

Happy Birthday. Your not getting older, just wiser.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the middle intial I should have known that.

But as Sparky said we aren't getting older we are getting wiser and better looking!!!


Bradley Myers said...

Thanks guys, but I am not sure about the wiser or better looking comments, just more grey and pains.

Yes when everyone heard the full name they knew someone was getting a butt beating, and I ussually did.

wally said...

Bradley Charles Myers heard it many time's down the alley,,
from mom
Happy Birthday buddy,,