Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flue Sparks Cause Fire

On December 13, 1906 at 9:45 a.m. the bell on the C.V. Hose firehall sounded an alarm of fire. Firemen were sent to the area between West Main and West Orange Streets near the Branch stream along the P. & R. R. R. for a building fire. A blaze caused by escaping sparks from a flue pipe destroyed a large building housing a wood and coal business. The fire extended rapidly to the attic of the large (over 100 feet in length) frame building that by the time firemen arrived they could not save the structure. Firemen had the blaze under control in 30 minutes. Damages were estimated at $1,000. The Vigilant Hose and Cumberland Valley Hose Companies answered the alarm.

The New Engine 53

Model: 75' Aluminum Ladder
Sales Organization:
Glick Fire Equipment Co.
Department:Cumberland Valley Hose Co # 2. Shippensburg, PA
Job Number: 21026
Category: Aerials
Body:75' Aluminum Ladder
Engine:Caterpillar C13
Horse Power: 525
Foam System:Husky® foam system
Pump GPM:1750
Tank:Foam, Water
Tank GPM:20 foam/500 water
Generator KW:20
Safety:Command Zone™, Side Roll Protection system, TAK-4® independent front suspension
Lighting: Whelen Freedom LED warning light package, (6) FRC quartz lights on body/cab, (4) FRC quartz lights on aerial, Whelen scene lights
Storage: Aluminum quint combo body w/dual hose chutes
Comments:(2) electric cord reels, front intake, (5) crosslays, chrome bell, painted bumper, front discharge, 2.5 aerial aux discharge, rope lighting on aerial


JD Byers said...

Can you say TRUCK COMPANY !!!!!!

Bradley Myers said...

The previous comment was deleted because it was anonymous, remember if you want to comment come out from under your wife’s skirt, grow some balls and sign it.

J.D. I can say Truck Company but why should I? Having a truck doesn’t make you a truck company; your abilities make you a truck company.

Besides this is not a truck unless they spelled it wrong on the front and sides. It looks to me like it says engine. But then again that is a whole different issue and one filled with opinions. Personally I don’t believe in ladders on engines and pumps on trucks, it just makes them abortions and confuses the uneducated even more.

I could continue on this subject along with many more like why does Shippensburg need five engines and many of the other rigs they have, why do they need three stations or five if you include EMS and ALS witch is part of the public servants. Shippensburg is blessed with good manpower and some good firefighters but it is just as screwed up as the rest of Cumberland County. Look at the bright side; you all can never be as screwed up as the place I work.

BRADLEY MYERS (see I have stones between my legs)

JDByers said...

The anonymous poster called me after he or she posted, I'll just admit flat out, the Engine/ladder was ordered with adjustable pedals, for the short and tall people.. Now we won't fight over who left the seat up, it'll be "who left the pedals all the way out"..

Anonymous said...

Brad, you know were the post came from. I got a run while I was typing up the post. No,it wasn't a med local either. I thought that Dad would get a laugh out of it.


Sparky said...

(Truck vs. Truck Company) I just don't know what to say and that is not like a MYERS. So I will just keep my comments to myself for now. And yes I have a set too.

JWINMN said...

Funny how some things never change. Grow up boys!!! This is not the fire department I brag about all over this country. It ain't about the rig boys, its all about the people riding it!!!! And believe me, it is this type of thing that is destroying the fire service in other parts of the country. To paraphrase, a department divided cannot stand.
I got stones too Son!!!!