Monday, January 4, 2010

60,000 Chickens Killed In Fire

On January 4, 2002 at 12:30 a.m. firefighters were sent to Eggs Newburg, 301Three Square Hollow Road for a building fire. A short in an exhaust fan motor sparked a fire that destroyed a 400-foot long building killing 60,000 chickens. Firefighters were able to save an identical building located beside it. Over 50 firefighters from eight companies battled the blaze for over six hours. Damages were estimated in excess of $1 million dollars. The Newburg, Upper Frankford, Newville, Pleasant Hall, Empire Hook and Ladder, Vigilant Hose, Cumberland Valley Hose and West End Fire and Rescue companies operated at the scene. Firefighters were called back numerous times to extinguish small rekindles.


Anonymous said...

I remember this night, Very Cold. As soon as I got in my car at my parents I could easily see the large glow from Ship. Cressler

Dale Jr(Wally) said...

I remember that night well, that is the only time I ever heard Chief Hoover get loud on the radio as long as he has been Chief,,

Lil' Dale said...

I remember this one. I was the officer on the Truck and we could see the lovely glow from the Truck House. This is the night that Randy O' Donnell and myself fit through a 2ft X 4 ft door at the same time when a steam line ruptered in the exposure barn. Long cold night and some smart alick started an egg fight.

Lil Dale Myers