Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fire Strikes Newville Row Homes

On January 7, 1985 at 2:35 p.m. Cumberland County 911 alerted units to a house fire at 21,23,25 Corporation Street, Newville. A kerosene stove in 25 Corporation St. sparked a fire in an occupied three-story frame row. The residence at 25 was heavily damaged, 23 suffered fire damage to one wall and the attic along with smoke and water damage and 21 suffered smoke and water damage. Firefighters from nine companies had the blaze under control by 5:30 p.m. and were on the scene five hours. Damages were estimated at $50,000. The Newville, Union and Friendship of Carlisle, Upper Frankford, West Pennsboro, South Newton, Penn Twp., Vigilant Hose and Cumberland Valley Hose companies operated on the scene.


Brad Myers said...

Okay I am waiting for the comments from all you super safey pussies that listen to BillyG all the time. Before listening to someone like that and drinking his coolaid maybe you should check into what really makes them qualified to brain wash the weak portion of the fire service.

He is/was nothing more than a township chief that made a dog and pony show and got the right person listening. Guess what those guys in the first photo were also twp. chiefs, but I know they put out fire and were firemen. I don't know if BillyG ever put out a fire. Don't we all know past or present twp. chiefs that are scared of fire?

Try listening to your peers that you respect and use common sense. It will get you much further in the fire service. You do not need a dog and pony show to lead you a stray.

Ah!, you know I feel better already. I think when I go back to work in the morning I will refuse to wear an SCBA the entire tour and just filter the smoke through my chew. Unlike some of these guys do you know why I can scratch my balls? BECAUSE I HAVE SOME.

Have a pleasant day, Brad

Haney said...

Good Morning, Bradley.

Sparky said...

Good morning Brad. Who P'ed in your Cheer"O's"? I just like the use of the axe. Today we use a power saw and when it doesn't work we ask for another one and another one. But we forgot about the axe. Do today's firefighters know about the axe. I know I used the word firefighters. Yesterday we were fireman, today they raise firefighters. No more good old fireman.

Corker2 said...

Your photo's bring back some memories for me from when I used to Volunteer with 2 Engine Company's that are in this area. I ran with Mt. Penn Engine Co. No.1 (Station 1) and Leesport Engine Co. No.1 (Station 37) Also ran with Leesport Ambulance Unit 645 and Southeran Berks Paramedics Station 685. The Medic Unit that I drove and responded with was Medic 686.

That was more than 20 yrs. ago. I stopped doing it after just getting burn't out from all the blood and gut's. I did this for just about 13 yrs. In my time, I have seen just about every type of injury that a human body can get. Car accidents and shootings were the worst, in my opinion. Seeing and treating car accident victims that were so badly mangled up and victims dead in the car from drinking too much and driving. A double-barrel 12 ga. shotgun is a real ugly thing when people commit suicide with it.

Now, I don't do it anymore. Let the people that get paid for what they do, see and experience what I have over the many years. However, I do miss it at times.


E4 Lt said...

glad to see u got out of the "right" side of the bed this morning.... is that ur old man in the first pic swinging a truck tool?

Brad Myers said...

I get up on the right side of the bed every morning. It is everyone else that gets up on the wrong side of the bed. Should I assume that you all agree with BillyG? If so get active with the Ladies Auxiliary because those of us firemen that are left wiould like some coffee and food on the fire ground. Maybe that is why Pa. started the sprinkler ordinance because fire people can't enter a burning building anymore, they could get hurt.

Yes that is Charlie Myers on the left and Gerald Holtry on the right.

If you look at the second photo that is Charlie looking out the second floor doorway. I bet that is not safe since there is no steps. Notify the safey police BillyG and any other whacker you can think of.

Thank God the end is in site for me, I can see the flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

Woody said...

Rough day at the office buddy???

Sparky said...

Brad I can say only one thing for you. Camping and walks in the wild with the camera and sitting on the beach with a bottle of wine. I guess that is three. Now that's retirement.

Anonymous said...

Brad, did you have to ride the wagon yesterday? By the way, you spelled Kool-Aid wrong.

The next time that you go to the roof make sure that you wear your safety vest so the guy swinging the axe with his face piece on doesn't hit you.

I will think of you while I am driving the medic unit with hose and water on it all over the city today.


Brad Myers said...

Sparky, I drink beer not wine, and my idea of camping is a hotel room.

WMIT, I did not ride the wagon and I don't have to know how to spell Kool-aid. As a truckie I only have to be able to break the container it comes in.

Anonymous said...

Brad, just make sure that you are wearing your safety glasses. While you break the container that the Kool-Aid comes in.


Anonymous said...

I am a horrible person to chime in on the whole Billy G topic, but for what it's worth, the one time that I did hear him speak he started his talk by saying that sometimes firemen die because they were doing their jobs and this job is dangerous and sometimes it just happens. I don't drink his Kool-Aid however I probably do sip it. I think the main point that he often tries to make is he is strongly against fireman dying being stupid. What he defines as stupid, I don't know. I also don't know what makes him qualified to define stupid. But as a present officer and instructor, I feel it's my responsibility to keep the kids of some of the people that frequent this site as safe as possible. If something happens to them doing 'the job', well, things happen. Something happens to them that could have been prevented, well that sorta falls on me. I'm the first to say that I never wear a bottle to the roof at work, take it off ASAP when working inside, and can't stand putting those stupid vests on. With that being said, if one of the guys was to get schmucked on the interstate because they weren't seen by the idiot talking on her cellphone, and that stupid vest might have made a difference,well, that's on me.

Really like ya Brad and enjoy reading your blog but I just felt something had to be said. It's a different era of firefighting. The job can still get done, just a little more safely. Being a great fireman is a mentality. You can still be a great fireman and not be stupid. I would hope that others on this blog (many of which I oversee them or their family) would appreciate that.


Brad Myers said...

If you read my first comments TJ you will notice I said one must use common sense and listen to their peers. I never said I was against being safe. As a matter of fact I always wear my vest and do not allow the probies and rookies (and even less seasoned guys) do things on a roof or searching that I feel uneasy about. As the senior man I am respnsible for them and if someone is not going home it will be me and not them.

I have heard from numerous people that attended his class and said they should not enter a burning building unless someone is inside because they could get hurt and it is not worth it. First a vacant building is not necessarily unocupied, and just beccause you are told there is no one inside soes not mean that someone didn't run back in for the dog or favorite doll. Use as a city firefighter have to know that by now. If that is the feelings of the people that take his class I do not want to work or volunteer with them. I thought our job was to protect life and property. I guess the property was deleted and I didn't get the memo.

Next have you ever looked at his site close calls? They grab things from other sites and put them up ripping departments for not being safe. They are photos that capture a moment in time. We all know that what is i n a photo may not be what it appears. When they find out they are wrong do you see a retraction and apology? Sometimes they do but not to the same flare and size as when they beat the company up. Peolpe make mistakes on the fire ground that is why they are human. This can be a stressful business and to put them on Front Street like that and bust their balls is bullshit. But I guess they have never made a mistake.

If I am leading your flock a stray then ban them from this site. My job is to teach men how to be firemen not to let building burn and people die.

We all are entitled to our own opinions and that is mine.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if that was an old Mack or CAT hat, they could really take a beating. And they worked, Ged's still around, I believe. Good photo, Brad.


Anonymous said...

Brad, I think you and I are very alike. I just think we've misinterpreted each others words. I couldn't agree more about the vacant building discussion. Couldn't agree more about the dudes throwing rocks who live in glass houses. I also think we probably share the same views on a modern fire service that has grown soft. Over-educated chiefs that spend more time planning that just putting the damn fire out and going home...the list goes on and on. I like to still play the game old-school, just with a certain added modern level of safety.


PS I wish I was important enough to have a flock...maybe some day...
Besides, if I banned them they wouldn't listen to me anyway.