Sunday, May 16, 2010

Council Actions On The Fire Department (1972)

The following was taken word for word from The News Chronicle.

For the next six months two companies will respond to every fire in the borough, with the Cumberland Valley Hose Company responding to all borough fires, the Vigilant's to all east of the Penn Central tracks, the West End Fire and Rescue Company to all west of the tracks.

The Shippensburg Borough Council, meeting in regular session Tuesday (May 16, 1972) night in the Municipal Offices, approved this change in assignment of apparatus, effective immediately, on a motion by Dr. George Rae, seconded by John Bonitz and passed unanimously. To make the action effective, the ordinance covering fire company zoning was suspended for six months.

The original recommendation of the Fire Advisory Committee had called for a 90-day trail period, but this on Dr. Rae's recommendation, was increased to a six-month trail period.

For general alarm fires, all three companies will continue to respond.

Final action on recommended purchase of color-coded hose for the companies was postponed until June 6 to get cost estimates on colored and plain hose when a special session is scheduled. Dr. Rae saw no problem on use of adaptors and recommended purchase for the CV's and Vigilant's. The West Enders do not need adapters to convert to National Standard hose it was noted.

Robert Jones, borough fire chief, reported six borough fire calls in April. There were no false fire alarms, he said.


Haney said...

Stupid question, but, was the Penn Central Tracks on Earl Street or Fayette Street?

Brad Myers said...

Earl Street