Thursday, May 27, 2010

WEFR’s 1948 Cadillac Ambulance

The only major incidents to occur on this date were in 1910 and 1967 and they were posted the last two years.

WEFR purchased this ambulance from the Cumberland Fire Company, Carlisle, Pa. The amount the company paid for the unit is unknown. It is believed that is was purchased in late 1956 or January 1957. It was first mentioned at the company’s regular monthly meeting February 4, 1957. The ambulance was all white when purchased and remained that way while in the company’s possession. The unit replaced the 1947 Buick ambulance and became the third ambulance the company owned in their short history. Sometime in 1958 the unit was sold to the Lower Allen Township Fire Company in Cumberland County, Pa. The exact date it was sold and the amount of money the company got for it is unknown. This would become Lower Allen’s first ambulance and the last for West End. While in Lower Allen’s possession the fenders were painted red. It is unknown what happened to the unit after Lower Allen was finished with it.

These are the only two photographs I have of this ambulance, the first photo is while the unit was still operated by the Cumberland's and the second photo is the unit while in Lower Allen.

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