Friday, May 7, 2010

CV's 1950 Chevrolet John Beam Pumper

The only major incidents to occur on this date were in 1990 and 2007 and those two were posted the past two years. I will be switching back and forth between Cumberland County fire companies and Shippensburg apparatus on days when I have no major incidents to report. It just depends on what I have prepared at the time.

In early 1950 the Cumberland Valley Hose Company formed a committee to purchase a new pumper. At the April 13, 1950 company meeting it was announced that a John Beam high pressure fog unit to be mounted on a Chevrolet chassis was purchased. The chassis was supplied by the company and purchased from a local dealer. The unit was painted red with the hood lettered C.V. HOSE CO. NO. 2 and the doors lettered CUMBERLAND VALLEY HOSE CO. NO. 2 SHIPPENSBURG. The engine was shipped from the manufacturer June 6, 1950. The unit arrived in Shippensburg on June 7 and was stored for sometime in Hollar's Garage until the company was ready for it. The engine was builders no. 536, the chassis no. was 1TWD3010, motor no. HE499725. It was sold by a Mr. Stockdale. Total invoice was $7,574.00. The engine responded to a number of large fires over its life including the E. King St. block fire on 2-17-69, Cressler's Fruit Market, 10-13-64 and the Sherman House fire on 6-19-60. In December 1969 a 1970 John Beam pumper was ordered to replace the engine. It was mentioned that it would be decided at a later date what to do with the engine. On October 19, 1972 it was reported that the pumper was sold to a company from Erie, Pa. for $1,500.00.

Unfortunately these are the only two photographs I have of this engine. The fact that it was in Shippensburg for over 22 years there has to be some color photographs out there somewhere of this rig. If anyone has any and can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

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