Monday, August 23, 2010

Cumberland Radio Reports 686 Calls

The Tuesday August 27, 1957 addition of The News Chronicle ran the following article.

During the month of July, the Cumberland County mutual fire and radio network handled 686 calls, according to William Minich, chief operator. There were 170 ambulance calls, 427 for fires and 89 base calls, he reported.

Shippensburg had 29 ambulance, 26 fire and 19 base calls.


Sparky said...

wonder what the stats are for this July???

Brad Myers said...

That would be a good thing for you ti find out and post here in the comments. Or send them to me and I will update this post with the information. I am sure you have friends at County, maybe that is something Megan can get.

wefr15 said...

Dumb Question? What is a Base Call?

Cincy Bill

Brad Myers said...

Bil, one of the older guys will have to answer that question. I remeber pre 911, KGD 566 and the others, Listening to them, being in the radio rooms but I am to young (yes I said to young) to remember all that.