Sunday, August 8, 2010

Girl Dies From Burns In Nyesville House Fire

On August 8, 1930 at about 4 p.m. firemen were sent to a house fire near Nyesville. A 17 year old girl visiting from Ohio was preparing the stove for dinner, in a hurry to speed up the fire she attempted to pour kerosene on it when the can exploded in her hands. The flames quickly spread to her clothing as she ran from the house into the fields. The residents and neighbor telephoned Shippensburg for assistance and drove the girl to Chambersburg Hospital where she died almost four hours later. By the time fireman arrived there was little they could do to save the home. Damages were estimated at $3,000. The articles did not mention which Shippensburg Fire Company answered the alarm but normally the Cumberland Valley went outside of town at this time because they had a water pumper where the Vigilant's only had a chemical wagon.

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