Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vigilant's Get New Pumper

On Monday August 17, 1936 the Vigilant Hose Company accepted delivery of a 1936 Reo Seagrave pumper. Some 15 members of the company were on hand to help unload the engine after it arrived by rail car. A representative of the Seagrave Company was also on hand to assist in final assembly and to insure the pumper was in its best condition. The rig was equipped with a 500 gpm centrifugal pump a 100 gallon booster tank, 27 foot extension ladder and a 12 foot roof ladder. The engine was to supplement to rural engine and to assist on small fires in the borough. The rig replaced an older model-T chemical engine that was to be sold for trucking purposes since the firefighting equipment had all been sold.

For the last two plus weeks this blog has been on auto pilot while I was away on vacation. I think I answered any questions that were left on the comments. If I missed any please ask again and I will get to them. The one thing I missed while away was the formal beginning's of a new fire station in Shippensburg. I want to thank Haney for making a post on it for me, if you missed it it can be found here. You can also see it here on the Vigilant web site at two different places. I hope to photograph the entire process and continue to document this history in the making.


Sparky said...

Like to have this Engine sitting in the station today. Would be a blast to drive and operate.

Haney said...

Planning on setting up a section on the Viggie website to go and follow the progress of the new station. I've been snapping pictures of it for a while and will continue to, feel free to help supply images for that. The building design contines to evolve, we hope to have newer renderings at the firehouse soon.