Monday, September 27, 2010

Junior Hose & Truck Motorizes

Last week when I posted the history of the Junior Hose & Truck Company I said when space is available I would publish photographs of their apparatus. Well space became available for the first set of motorized photos. There may have been working incidents for some of the dates that I do not post but I have not even begun to type in the last four years and some of the earlier years. The Juniors photos will be spread out over a number of post and I will go in order starting with the motorized. The chemical wagon has already been posted and I will come back to the hand drawn rigs.

The first photo is of the two new motorized rigs setting in front of the company's quarters. The second photograph is the 1917 Seagrave combination chemical and hose wagon followed by the 1917 Seagrave 65 foot ladder truck. These rigs do not look yellow to me but sometimes old black and white photos are deceiving. A fine example of that would be the black and white photograph of the Cumberland Valley's ward, it does not look like it should have been brown and tan. The next post of the Juniors will take us to the replacement of these rigs.


Sparky said...

Great pictures Brad and love the history lession. Who would like to operate off of that ladder truck?

Anonymous said...

I remember visiting the Junior's when Crawford and Jackson worked there. I was very young but we stopped to look at the "dispatch center".
My dad said he could remember the very last horses of the CFD. I think they were from the CV's (#5).
Crawford should write about the dispatch procedures, waiting for a tillerman, tillerman laying down going out the door, etc.

Anonymous said...

Great history brad keep it up. Dave I would love to work off that at least once. Cressler

Brad Myers said...

I am glad you guys are enjoying the history, there is many more photos from the Junior's to come. When finished it should be a pretty complete history of the company.

I would like Crawford to right about the dispatch and tillerman, I was to young to remember it and RB made mention of it. I am sure many of us would learn something.

I remember stopping in this house many Saturday nights as a kid. Guy Flory was always there and he would put me up in the tiller seat, they were fun times.