Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Upper Mifflin House Destroyed

On September 7, 1991 at 6:16 a.m. firefighters were dispatched to a house fire in Upper Mifflin Township (exact location was never given in the article). A fire of unknown origin destroyed a large 2-½-story frame occupied dwelling. Nearly 100 firefighters from six companies fought the blaze for three hours. The Newville, Upper Frankford, Newburg-Hopewell, West Pennsboro, Vigilant Hose and Cumberland Valley Hose companies operated at the scene.

For all you hose guys out there that would get into it with me about truckman and wagon guys you can stop now. After 17 years on a truck company Sunday I started the final stop of my career. That's right I am on a wagon, driving Wagon 3 uptown.

I guess no one gives a shit if I skip the days I have nothing prepared for since only one person bothered to say anything. E4LT I will send that days personally to you.


wefr15 said...


I will still like you eventhough you have become an hose jockey! :-)
Cincy Bill

Anonymous said...

What shift are you on? Did someone bid out? TM

Brad Myers said...

Still on "B" until they declare bankrupt then I will be retired. Two more left Walker and Dunkelburger (that is six so far this year), more are considering it. Skinner went to "A" and Peskie went to the squad letting the Wagon job open for me. No one was caught off gaurd since I have wanted this job for awhile now.

It was good to see Chief Konkle and Deputy Sevison show up to see off the USAR guys and wish them luck since no one else did. Stop by or call me sometime if I type much more I will get myself fired. We work tonight, first night out.

Anonymous said...

Brad, it is nice to see that you went back to your roots.


Sparky said...

Just remember ladders are easier to reload then hose.

Dale Jr (Wally) said...

once a hose jockey always a hose jockey,congrats Fireman Brad,,
Hope to see you on Saturday in Carlisle,,

Brad Myers said...

It looks like the wagon job will be short lived. Does anyone know if Walmart is hiring greeters or if McD's is hiring?

Sparky said...

73 EMS is hiring.