Thursday, September 30, 2010

Junior Hose & Truck Replaces Their Seagraves

A few days ago I published the first motorized apparatus of the Junior Hose & Truck Company, today's post is the apparatus that replaced those rigs. The second photograph is the 1936 Ward LaFrance service truck. The last photograph is the 1940 Peter Pirsch 85 foot ladder truck. If you have not read the two part post on the history of the company go back and do so for more information on the apparatus photographs I am posting. Remember clicking on the photographs will open them up in a new window for a larger image.


Anonymous said...

Good job. I had forgotten about the yellow and black helmets. I always liked those colors for the apparatus (and the Blue Goose at CV #5).

Anonymous said...

You really have the Pirsch doing its thing in these photos & video, Brad:


Sparky said...

I really like this post. I can remember as a kid, which was just a couple of years ago. Coming threw Chambersburg seeing the apparatus leaving the station or backing in at night. I thought the color yellow was neat and the blue of CV station 5