Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Work Continues...

Roof trusses have arrived and are the building is almost ready for them.

The masonry work is complete and the ties are in place ready for the brick work.

Mechanical room in the back corner, more wall will be put up across the rear.

View from the rear of the new engine bays.

The view from the gear room showing the two doors (in and out of the engine room) and door way leading to the front hall and watch room. This is where five of us were at when the great earthquake struck the area. The wall in the upper right of the photo that connects to the front wall made knocking sounds and was swinging back and forth. Thankfully it did not fall and we were all safe. On a side note I had one lawn chair topple over from the great quake but I plan to rebuild.

View of side Delta (I guess I paid attention in the nimms class) side showing the decorative block, two personel doors, bay door and the two windows.

All of these photographs were taken on August 23, 2011. By this time roof truss were to be set but rain and other complications delayed this to the following week. Earlier in the day the walls were filled with concrete to ready them for the trusses. I know WEFR has been doing a week by week update but I am hoping that the additional images will give you a better over all view of the construction process. It will also provide another form of documentation for history.

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Anonymous said...

I am looking. Since Commerer dropped the ball on his postings I turned to you. Keep them going so I can see the progress since I am paying for some of this.