Sunday, October 21, 2007

On this day October 21

October 21, 1958 the West End Fire and Rescue Company announced the purchase of a 1951 F-6 Ford Oren fire engine from Delta Cardiff, York County. The engine has a 250 gpm Hale pump and carried 800 gallons of water. The company paid $3,000 for the unit.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a sweet little engine that was. It was the pride of the young Fire Company in those days. Had to give it up because we could not make the payments. Caused the first membership rift in the company. The engine worked its butt off in the alley behind Hochersmiths Store during the Sherman House Hotel fire in 1960.
Crawford Wiestling

Bradley Myers said...

At some time I will post a detailed history of the rig on here. If you remember Crawford it was replaced with the Diamond-T and once N. Middleton got it they drafted sand with it then complained it didn't work. After you guys got it staightened out they had the accident and destroyed it.