Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vigilant Hose Co. No. 1’s 1936 Seagrave Reo

On August 17, 1936 the Vigilant Hose Company took delivery of their new Seagrave Reo engine. The new pumper was equipped with a Reo Gold Crown motor built especially for pumping purposes. It was mounted on a Reo chassis and had a 166-inch wheelbase. The pumper was equipped with a 500-gallon per minute centrifugal pump, 100-gallon booster tank, 150 feet of booster hose, a 24-foot extension ladder and a 12-foot roof ladder. The engine was to be used primarily in the borough of Shippensburg and to be a back up for the rural engine. In December 1949 the engine was traded along with cash for a new tank truck.

In the 165 years of research I did on the Shippensburg Fire Department there has never been a working fire or major incident occur on this day.


Wagon Master In Training said...

Brad, was this the begining of an Era that should have never ended?

Bradley Myers said...

No this was the second Seagrave, the 1932 that started rural service was the first. As for the era that should have never ended I have nothing in that. You do get to drive a Seagrave at work so your still on them.