Thursday, January 29, 2009

Garage And Workshop Burns

On January 29, 1976 at 2:00 p.m. firefighters responded to Shippensburg R. D. 3 for a building fire (the article does not give any other location but if my memory is any good I believe this pond was along the Orrstown Road in Southampton Franklin, someone that looks has to remember the fire and address). A fire of undetermined origin caused heavy damage to a garage and workshop. Firemen from four companies battled the blaze that caused an estimated $24,000 in damages. A Vigilant engine fell through the ice of a pond while drafting water. The Vigilant Hose and West End Fire and Rescue companies battled the blaze along with units from Pleasant Hall and Newburg-Hopewell.


Sparky said...

Brad I remember guys talking about this one. The Engine pulled in to the pond, but slid on the ice and then went into the pond. I think Wally would know more.

Seagrave said...

This pond was actually along the Roxbury Rd. and next to the fire its self on the s turns before Hostetter salvage yard.
Over the years there was 2 possibly 3 major structure fires at this location. ged would remember.
Who was the lucky driver to slide into the pond ? My guess is Dick Stouffer. Any body know for sure ?

JD Byers said...

I bet this was listed as "the engine slid in to pond" but the real story is, The driver did what he needed to do to get the job done.. I remember when I started drivers training, I was told to "Get it where you need to, We'll get it out later" Dave's Truck Repair is just a phone call away !!

JD Byers said...

I actually commented on a post the day it was made, Not a week later for once.. Someone buy me a beer !!!!!!

Bradley Myers said...

Chief Murray stopped in at Station 1 today and he also said it was Roxbury Rd., he didn't remember for sure but thought it might have been Glen Bitner driving it.

Since you post so late so often WMIT maybe you should buy me the beer.

Greg said...

Glenn Bitner was the driver. The building that was there in the background burnt in the 1990.

Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me correctly, it was Dick Stouffer. One of the station pictures shows Glenn Bitner overseeing the towing process and another driver in the seat. Brad - I'm sure your Dad knows.


Anonymous said...

Well since there is alot of comment on this one, I'll throw in my 2 cents.
Engine 11 was 1st Due. They where in and pulled 2 lines. They where pissing in the wind. Hose steams where bending in the wind not even getting to the fire Engine 15-1 arrived and blitzed with the deck pipe. Engine 1-52 was asked to lay line and go to the pond. It did just that. As the Engine started on the edge of the pond it slid into the pond. Glen Bitner did what he was asked he got us water.
After the event was over the crew from 15 & 52 worked to get the Engine out. Squad 15 winched the Engine back up over the hill. Yes, Glen Bitner led that operation.
Team work had a good outcome.


Bradley Myers said...

I looked up the dwelling in the back ground and found that it burnt on March 9, 1996.