Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flames Destroy Four Buildings And Damage House

On February 11, 1947 in the morning hours firemen responded to Greenvillage for a building fire. A fire of undetermined origin destroyed a large corn crib; hog pen, implement shed and blacksmith shop and damaged the residence before firemen were able to contain it. When firemen arrived they intense heat and rapid flame spread prohibited them from saving the animals. The trapped animals squealed in agony as the burning structure collapsed and hundreds of bushels of burning corn crashed upon them from overhead. Lost in the fire were 10 registered hogs, eight pigs, and 800 bushels of ear corn, 700 pounds of feed and equipment and machinery. Damages were estimated at $4,000. The Vigilant Hose Company answered the alarm with assistance from the Franklin’s.


Sparky said...

It is something to hear the stories from back in the day. I just try to picture what Greenville looked like back then.

Great job..

Lil' Dale said...

If my mine serves me right, I believe part of that house still stands. It's very old and raged lookin, but it's still here. On a lighter side, could you imagine what 800 bushels of popcorn looked like!