Friday, February 27, 2009

Incendiary Fire Destroys Stable And Sheds

On February 27, 1877 at 12:30 a.m. an alarm of fire was sounded for Main Street to the rear of Wynkoop’s Hotel. An arson fire destroyed a stable and numerous cattle sheds along with their contents. Firemen from both hose companies were soon on the scene, the Cumberland Valley boys obtaining water from Febsternmacher’s well and the Vigilant’s from the branch stream. Damages were estimated at $800.

I don’t think anyone out there was counting but this is post number 500 for the Shippensburg Fire Department site. The site is up over 25% compared to the first two months of last year. Thanks for helping to make this a success, now how about a few stories in the comment section from those of you that were on the calls.


E4 LT said...

get yourself a fatty cake for a job well done... congrats on #500, almost like turning 40

Haney said...

I always find these old stories amazing "...destroyed a stable and numerous cattle sheds and their contents...damages were $800" Congrats on #500. Keep'm coming.

Anonymous said...

Lou, Brad doesn't need a fatty cake! He needs a rice patty! Brad, don't post any pics of me 365 days from now.


Bradley Myers said...

Hey WMIT I worked hard and spent many bucks for the lager to get like this, if I want a fatty cake instead of a rice patty I deserve it. Maybe I will post you mug on Saturday wearing all that gear and trying to be a truckman, you notice I said trying.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I haven't done that type of truck work for a while. Can I get a break?