Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fire Damages Garfield Street House

On December 31, 1891 at 2:00 a.m. the citizens of Shippensburg were aroused from their slumbers by the clanging of the fire bells. It was soon learned that the fire was in the John Hosfeld dwelling on East Garfield Street. Hose had to be laid from a plug on Orange Street to reach the blaze. At this time East Garfield Street was not in the borough so it had no hydrants. Carpet placed over a damper sparked a fire that destroyed a room and extended upwards in a party wall in the occupied two story frame double house. Most of the family’s belongings were removed from the house as firemen battled the blaze. A damage estimate was not available. The Vigilant Hose and Cumberland Valley Hose companies answered the alarm.


For the new year how about I get some of you to help me out by supplying photographs from past incidents or anything else around the fire stations in Shippensburg. All I will need is the image, digital or I can scan, information about it like date, time, location etc. And who to credit the photograph to. Your help will make this a better blog.

Thanks Brad


Haney said...

I'll check our files. I have alot of Haupt's pictures scanned already.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I would buy some pics from you or even trade you a pic or two. Since you never call, write or use a carrier pigeon to let me know when you are coming to town.

Anyways Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all.

Keep up the great job, Brad. I enjoy your blog.