Sunday, December 20, 2009

McCulloch Road House Burns

On December 20, 1983 at 9:00 a.m. firefighters were dispatched to a house fire at Shippensburg RD 6 the McCulloch Road. A faulty installed wood stove sparked a blaze that caused heavy fire damage to an occupied 2-½-story frame dwelling. The fire damaged a first floor kitchen before gutting most of the second floor and attic. Approximately 50 firefighters from five companies had the blaze under control in one hour and remained on the scene until after noon. In the initial stages of the fire a manpower shortage was an issue as some of the firefighters were in Orrstown extinguishing a chimney fire. Water was obtained from a hydrant in Cleversburg. A damage estimate was not available. The Vigilant Hose, Cumberland Valley Hose, West End Fire and Rescue, South Newton Twp. and Newville fire companies answered the alarm.


Sparky said...

Does any one have an idea of the two fireman in the second picture?

Brad Myers said...

I waited for someone else to post the answer but I guess we are the only ones here again Sparky. On the left is Mike Mixell, he ran with Newville around the same time I started and now runs with Monroe. On the right is Dave Staver, I thought he would pick up on it, maybe he doesn't look at the site anymore.

The numbers have been going down again recently but there is still a few watching.

Anonymous said...

I am still watching and enjoying it
Former P.H.F.D. A/C 11

Anonymous said...

This was one cold day if I remember correctly.


Anonymous said...


I'm still out here looking, but sometimes I don't look real hard at the pictures. At a closer look and hard thinking, I believe I was the only one that had a helmet with that kind of Scotchlite on it.
Senior moments will get you all the time.