Monday, December 7, 2009

Towing And Detail Shop Damaged In Blaze

On December 7, 2002 at 1:11 p.m. firefighters were sent to 408 S. Fayette Street, Shannon’s Towing and Detail Shop for a building fire. A fire caused by spilled gasoline caused heavy fire damage to the first floor of a large 2-½-story frame and masonry building. A couple of cars were also lost in the two-alarm fire that took 20 minutes to control. A damage estimate was not available. This same building burnt in the 1970’s(I didn’t feel like looking up the exact date, it burnt worse that time but only required the use of the three Shippensburg companies). The Vigilant Hose, Cumberland Valley Hose, West End Fire and Rescue, Pleasant Hall, Newburg, South Newton, Newville and Franklin fire companies battled the blaze. Squad 15 was involved in an accident when they struck a car at the intersection of Orange and Fayette Streets while responding to the incident.

Shippensburg companies also answered a reported structure fire on the Walnut Dale Road and a working house fire at 2915 Roosevelt Drive on this day.


Anonymous said...

I remember this was a good weekend for me to have came home from college. 3 working fires in 24 hours counting the barn the next morning that doesnt happen much anymore. Cressler

Anonymous said...

Bobby, are you saying that you need to go back to school?

Brad, the fire on Walnut Dale Rd was a chimney fire with no extension.


Anonymous said...

No Jimmy the last 4 fires have been while I have been at work not running calls. Gotta Love yuppies and new construction. Cressler

Anonymous said...

I guess just a funny note on this fire, I had E-152 by myself over on Industrial Drive (about a quarter mile away) assisting with an Essentials class when they dispatched this fire. Showed up on the scene, established my water supply, and well...waited for help! At least we had plenty of greenhorns on hand for a little OJT to repack handlines and whatnot.


PS Just want to throw it out there Brad that I still love the site. I won't lie, had sorta forgotten about this call until I read it just now. Brought a smile to my face recalling this one. Enjoyed the annual tribute to Jack and keep up the great work.