Friday, December 11, 2009

Neon Clock Installed In Front Of Vigilant Station

December 11, 1933, does anyone remember the clock that used to be on the front of the Vigilant Hose Company building between the two bay doors? I remember one as a child. At a borough council meeting in 1933 on this date M. Garfield Barbour, president of the company asked councils permission to erect the clock on the front of the firehouse. The clock put up at this time was not the one I remember, as this one was neon light so it could be seen at night. The earliest photograph I have of the Vigilant’s with a clock is 1950 and it is the later clock that I remember.


Sparky said...

I remeber seeing pictures of a clock on front of the station. But I think it is the one you are talking about as a kid. I can remember the one on front of CV's house too.

Anonymous said...


Old man Sanders says to check the picture of the 31 Seagrave sitting in front of the station, the clock is in the background.


Brad Myers said...

Wow Spike, I dug out that photo and checked and the old guy was right. The photo shows a close up of the clock. Now you guys need to chip in and get him his own computor so he can tell us these things himself.

I should start sharing some stories about him on here, the only problem is I was a guilty party with him all to often.