Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Alarm Of Fire

On this day June 29, 1914, reprinted here exactly as it appeared in The Shippensburg News.

An Alarm Of Fire
About 9 o'clock Monday morning, an alarm of fire was given, when fire was discovered in the third story of the McNulty building, on North Earl street. The house is occupied by Mrs. Emily C. Clever and Miss Rachel Vance. In a room on the third floor, which was used as a storage room, were some carpets, bedding's, unused furniture and so forth. Through some cause, these became ignited and smoke was seen issuing from the window. An alarm was given but before the fire department arrived, the fire was put out with very little damage done. The report that the fire started from a gasoline stove is not true, according to information handed us and the real origin of the same is a mystery.

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Sparky said...

I like how they wrote back in the day. Sounds funny today.