Friday, June 11, 2010

WEFR Dedicates New Engine

On June 11, 2006 the West End Fire and Rescue Company housed its new 2006 KME Rescue engine in conjunction with the closing ceremonies of their 9TH annual Child's Dream weekend. WEFR members with 30 or more years of service pushed the engine into it's bay as Atha Jones sat in the officers seat and Robert "Pork" Stevens sat behind the wheel. The engine was then pulled back out and pushed into the station by members with less than 30 years in the department followed by the children from child's dream pushing the engine into it's bay representing the past, present and future of the company. The engine was christened with a bottle of Champaign by Assistant Chief Mark Cleck.


Sparky said...

Like the new layout. Pretty cool header too. I see Shane has also changed his, both of you keep up the great job.

wefr15 said...

Brad, Got to agree with Sparky, Like the new lay out and really like the new header!

Cincy Bill