Sunday, June 6, 2010

Long Time Volunteers Recognized

The above photograph appeared in the June 6, 1981 edition of the News Chronicle. I remember all these men, some more than others. Like what Charlie would do when you goosed him and visiting Roy Dubbs house on Penn Street as a kid. I am sure the younger guys did not know these men, but this may bring back memories for the older group. Remember to click the photo like any on this site for a larger version.


Haney said...

I remember Carl and Bob. Carl use to hang out occationally back then. You would find him behind the engines at the card table with Chas Mouer and CB Ott. These guy look old to me when I think that I have 30 years on.

Sparky said...

I can remember a few of these gentleman. haney and Brad I guess we will have a oicture taken like that someday.