Sunday, June 29, 2008

CD Group Plans For Radio Network

On June 29, 1954 the Cumberland county civil defense administration held a special meeting in the Carlisle courthouse to determine the amount and type of radio equipment needed for the new CD fire and emergency radio network.

Several months prior an application was filed for federal approval and support of the network. The federal government agreed to pay $55,618 (half) the cost of the two-way radio hookups for county and the fire trucks. The county commissioners paid one quarter of the cost. County CD coordinator Dale E. Murphy believed the radio network would be operational in three months.

Today I thought maybe we could play a trivia game. It will let me know who is out there and who knows there county. Plus you can learn something at the same time. Who can tell me what company had No. 21 before the Creekside had it? Also, what companies had the numbers 29, 44, 58, 61, 70 and 90. A couple of these are pretty easy, the other you had to be around awhile to know the answer.


Wally World said...

This information came from a good source,
21 Fairview Twp.
61 Marysville
58 Monaghan Twp.
70 Bendersville
90 York Spring
29 Truck House & EMS Mehancisburg
44 Goodwill Fire Co.Carlisle
OK,Buddy how had Co.74 before Lower Allen Twp.EMS
Thanks Affey

Sparky said...

I knew the 44 was goodwill Fire Co. in Carlisle. An Cumberland/Goodwill is in the old Goodwill Fire House. I knew 70 & 90, but for the rest, I was dumb.

Bradley Myers said...

Okay Dale you cheated, you asked one of the few people that would know the answer. From the old material I had that listed them I can only assume that Fairview Twp. went by Etters in 1970 because it listed Co. 21 as the Etters Community Volunteer Fire Co. Company 29 was actually call the Rescue Hook and Ladder Company. And all the other are correct.

I don't know who had 74, I have four differnt county cards that listed the companies and there equipment that were put out around 1970 and none list 74. So who did Affey tell you Company 74 was?

And no cheating on the next question, then again you had to do some research to be know most of these companies, or paid attention to some of my past posts.

Wally said...

Company 74 was Lemoyne Ambulance,