Thursday, June 26, 2008

Craig’s Barn Burns Near Orrstown

On June 26, 1981 at 9:38 p.m. firefighters were alerted to a barn fire at the Wayne Craig Sr. farm located at 2833 Orrstown Road. When firefighters arrived the 66 X 95 foot barn was well involved. Approximately 75 firefighters from three companies battled the blaze and remained on the scene until 2:04 a.m. One hog was lost in the fire and damages were estimated at $50,000. During the incident numerous minor accident occurred involving fire apparatus, Squad 15 sank in the run off causing it to lean into a tree, no damage was done to the rig. The Vigilant’s 1969 Seagrave went off the lane and traveled down an embankment in an attempt to avoid a pedestrian, the engine was not damaged but had to be pulled back onto the road. And last but not least the WEFR utility and the Vigilant special unit side swiped on the narrow lane causing mirror damage to the vehicles. The West End Fire and Rescue and Vigilant Hose companies operated at the scene.

I got to this fire late so I photographed instead of getting dirty. I have photographs of all three of the accidents but do you think I could locate them in time for this post. Once I find them I will scan them and put them up next year at this time.

For a short history lesson on fires outside the borough in the early days please check out the comments for Sunday June 22, 2008 post.


Anonymous said...

Pap Sanders actually saved the 69 by turning in to the slide and driving the engine down the embankment, otherwise is would have more then likely rolled over.

This guy has been driving since they invented the wheel. No wonder he has an enigine in the 52 house with his name on the door.

Anonymous said...

Yes he did save the Engine that night. What a ride it was riding right next to Pap as his Officer. Thank God that no one followed orders to ride out while we were laying the 4" or it might of been a different ending.
Think of this night often and how blessed we all are.

It is hard to believe that 27 years has went by since this.

Stay safe all

Grizz 52

Bradley Myers said...

Time flys, I am nearing retirement and it doesn't seem like that long ago that I was a jr. member. Glad to see you on here Grizz, I did not know you were watching.

Who else is lurking in the bushes. LOL that could be taken the wrong way.

Kenny said...

I'm still lurking. I missed the Craig fire but was on the Queen St fire posted a couple days ago.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I try to get on every day,, but that doesn't always happen.
Just waiting now for a post that would involve you and me with the old IH Tanker.

Grizz 52

Bradley Myers said...

It will make it on some day. I tell the guys at work about the accident and them thar city slickers just can't believe it happened. That was a LOOONNGGG time ago also.

JD Byers said...

wow, I haven't heard anyone call you grizz in a long time.. Speaking on the old Tanker, I think I have a piece of the hood from the horse incident somewhere..